Shaolin Soccer in Real Life
Best Skills of 2020
4 ヶ月 前
WTF Moments in Football
200 IQ Plays in Football
Aaditya Paudel
Aaditya Paudel 2 時間 前
Maybe the last
D' sories
D' sories 2 時間 前
It's so much better without a sh1t music. Just commentary and getting goosebumps like watching on a live.
Gede Yasa
Gede Yasa 2 時間 前
L messi and ronaldinho nomer 10 he’s perfect player
Ashish Poudel
Ashish Poudel 2 時間 前
Every one played for win while Ronaldinho ply for enjoyment
ogbonna ani
ogbonna ani 2 時間 前
Football units the new world
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 2 時間 前
When you play FIFA on amateur
Sixteen Bwoii
Sixteen Bwoii 2 時間 前
Dats day guyz
Abhishek Rai
Abhishek Rai 2 時間 前
Man.. Eto is so so so so underrated... he is one of the best strikers ever to live
WiLD GiG 2 時間 前
Like for pendu
Samin Yasar Sami
Samin Yasar Sami 3 時間 前
Looking at the match, it seems that both the teams are completely dependent on the goalkeeper. All the pressure on the goalkeeper
pspspspsps 3 時間 前
The time where i adored both the team equally
madrista arjun
madrista arjun 3 時間 前
4:18 when you want to kick hard but you realise the consequenses
Dylan L
Dylan L 3 時間 前
Ronaldinho, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Eto'o, Puyol - Zidane, Raúl, Beckam, Ramos, Casillas, Ronaldo. LEYENDS
Josué Gonçalves
Josué Gonçalves 4 時間 前
Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho e Zidane numa mesma partida😱
Melvin Couraillon
Melvin Couraillon 4 時間 前
Necross FF
Necross FF 4 時間 前
Seriously People who actually watched the movie "Shaolin Soccer" will truly understand how funny this video is.
Maksud Aktar
Maksud Aktar 5 時間 前
Rui Patricio is God when it comes to national team
Mukesh Bombani
Mukesh Bombani 5 時間 前
Ronaldinho is really a pure gem
Kayfa1opuw 5 時間 前
SeikThatsPES 5 時間 前
أعقل واحد
أعقل واحد 6 時間 前
The team is worn out, Real Madrid and Zidane at that time with the team. Except France at that time, you will know who Zidane is in the 2006 World Cup against Brazil. zezoooo❤️
Z SQUADDD 6 時間 前
Showing highlights
Verrell Roberto Papu
Verrell Roberto Papu 7 時間 前
2020 2021
azizulw 7 時間 前
This is the match that Deschamps realized that France need Mbappe. The rest like they said, is history.
Benjamin Tanuwira
Benjamin Tanuwira 7 時間 前
How I wish I could go back to 2005/06
Md Abdul Aziz
Md Abdul Aziz 7 時間 前
Neymar tty
Md Abdul Aziz
Md Abdul Aziz 7 時間 前
Ronaldo 😍😍
azizulw 7 時間 前
To beat France in their home turf, is such achievement.
Sebastian Lestrange
Sebastian Lestrange 7 時間 前
Referee: sorry but you missed the ball, so here's a card. Player: wasn't going for the ball.
Netha ji
Netha ji 7 時間 前
Should've been a competition of Red cards instead of Goals 😄
Chinghoihkim Haokip
Chinghoihkim Haokip 8 時間 前
They played like a mobile game
Yudha M
Yudha M 8 時間 前
Apa2an kebantai
Prasanta Rajkumar
Prasanta Rajkumar 10 時間 前
I wonder why Cristiano's second goal wasn't given the Puskas award? Instead they gave the award to Salah that year for scoring an ordinary goal compared to the perfect bicycle kick goal scored by the GOAT! And even worse than that they gave the balon dor to Modric who didn't deserve at all.Cristiano was ahead in every department of the game than everyone else and somehow Modric is better??? Tremendous injustice was done that year, that's why the Puskas award and the balon dor ceremony has lost all its credibility and has no relevance to football anymore. Absolutely disgusting politics at FIFA. They should be ashamed of themselves. If messi had been Cristiano's place then he would have won everything. It's clear though that fifa and the press are incredibly biased against CR7 but inspire of all that he still managed to win the tournament that year. A big middle finger to those people deciding those awards! Anyway the GOAT couldn't give a damn about it cos the world knows how he'd been cheated right in front of everyone eyes! That's why he's the best that has ever played the game!
Unathi Galada
Unathi Galada 11 時間 前
Damm that match was hot😂😂.. even the referee was sweating
christiano ronaldo
christiano ronaldo 12 時間 前
Legends never die messi & ronaldo
Muhammed Afzal
Muhammed Afzal 12 時間 前
Byjus💩💩 ad
kevon simpson
kevon simpson 13 時間 前
Dream league 😂😂